SmartFarmer is a Venture of Green Afro-Palms Limited: a farming service, using principles of cooperative farming & technology (Internet of Things “IOT”) for an integrated platform to coordinate resources into farming (crop, animal production and agro-processing).

SmartFarmer is developing a website to provide people between 18-45yrs looking for incomes & profits to join African farming; through crowdfunding: for profits sharing rewards and a virtual farming experience

Our aim is to help people across the globe gain profits from Africa’s food & commodities production through crowdfunding as we finance African farming and farmers with cheap credits to maximize farming profits

This transformation of conventional farming is to give everyone a chance; young, old, working class, students, cooperate bodies & Institutions, etc. to have the opportunity of venturing farming as a business in a new and smart way, with least efforts. A cooperative farming service using good agricultural practices to make users venture farming to result in;INCREASED FOOD PRODUCTION, REVENUE GENERATION and EXCELLENT PROFITS ON AGRI-INVESTMENTS.

SmartFarmer starts from the planning, executing the cooperative farm to selling of the farm produce to off-takers at market price for fair profits on investments.

Problem in Farming

  • Farming in Africa (smallholders) lack three major inputs: Financing, Technology & Knowledge, whereas; Individuals and stakeholders with capacity to provide these required inputs (finance, technology & knowledge) sit a gap away due to constraints like availability of time, extraneous land tenure systems amongst others that exists in the agricultural sector. In the past and presently, once an interest of farming is developed by an individual or an organization, one must individually go through painstaking efforts of acquiring lands through the tiresome land tenure system, gaining knowledge for farming, finding labor for field activities, and having time to monitor farms- an action that impedes the participation of individuals and organizations into commercial agri-business.
  • In other cases, if the decision is arrived to invest in existing farms, the farmer or investors are mostly unable to access all possible risks associated with the farms as there are little or no documented information kept by farmers to validate investment needs. This situation has made it almost impossible for potential young and elderly to participate in farming and agri-businesses- an action that poses a threat to food security and poverty reduction on the African continent and the World. With this situation, farming in Africa (Ghana) lacks effective investments both human and financial capital as potential actors with required resources are unable to participate in farming as an investment.


On this development SmartFarmer comes as a way of bridging the gap between resource holders and field actors, making it easier for farming to be embarked by both parties in a more commercial and profitable way for increased productivity and excellent profits on investments.

Farm profits

Farms profits is the gains a SmartFarmer get after the end of the farming process and sales of harvest from the SmartFarms.Our Farms profits begins from a minimum of 15% a to a maximum of 50% on any Chosen Ticket

Find Retuns a SmartFarmer expects to get from SmartFarming:
Matured SmartFarmer(MSF) :20-50%
Young SmartFarmer(YSF) :17-50%
Start Pack(SP) :15-50%
Matured Student SmartFarmer(MSSF)and Young Student SmartFarmer(YSSF) :15-50%

Farms Under Cultivation

  • Maize
  • Oil Palms
  • Mushroom
  • Poultry

Farming Season

Our Farming Season works in a period of 10months with payment of farming profits to SmartFarmers between 10-12Months after the start of Farming