A package designed for Students (regardless of background) to join Farming either as hobby or a business, to earn income even in school. Most Students conventionally do not get chance to be allowed to start business early as students, But Student Smartfarmer gives the opportunity to start farming in a simple and easy way whilst still in school and run it as a business all on your phone just by signing up and getting your farm ticket.

With a ticket of GH₵1000 AS MATURED STUDENT SMARTFARMERor GH₵600 AS YOUNG STUDENT SMARTFARMER you get to start farming: by joining a farm done by Green Afro-Palms (GAP), you monitor the farm and also earn after the farming season (10-12months). This farm ticket is retrievable after each farming season and could be reused to farm another season for another income. Profits on your ticket is based on the income from the farm, and a student stands the chance to earn from a minimum of 15% to maximum of 50% on ticket based on the productivity of the farm.

After signup, Student gets a SmartFarmer-MEMO: a legal document proofing ticket payment and stating terms for farm profits. This MEMO states when and how farm profits will be payed to the Student, via bank or mobile transfer with details as provided by Student.

5 Benefits as a Student SmartFarmer:

  • You gain automatic acceptance for Student Vacation Internships to earn as a worker on your own Farm.
  • When not available for internship you can transfer your slot to another student. GAP will grant your request after confirming your Student SmartFarmer-ID.
  • You can visit the Farms anytime at your leisure, to get to learn farming and its processes.
  • You get updates from the farms and its processes all on your phone, accessible with your SmartFarmer-ID
  • Your Mum / Dad / Relative / Any other loved one can sign you up to be a Student Smartfarmer.

Don’t miss out, to be part of the new Young Africans, growing FOOD to feed Africa and Selling to earn maximum income from farming.

Student SmartFarmer (SSF): I earn from Farming!!!

Farm Profits

Farms Profits is the gains a SmartFarmer get after the end of the farming process and sales of harvest from the SmartFarms.Our Farms profits begins from a minimum of 15% a to a maximum of 50% on any Chosen Ticket

Find Profits a Student SmartFarmer expects to get from SmartFarming:
Matured Student SmartFarmer(MSSF):15-50%
Young Student SmartFarmer(YSSF) :15-50%

Farms Under Cultivation

  • Maize
  • Oil Palms
  • Mushroom
  • Poultry

Farming Season

Our Farming Season works in a period of 10months with payment of farming profits to SmartFarmers between 10-12Months after the start of Farming