Journey of SmartFarmer

What is SmartFarmer making?

SmartFarmer is developing a website to provide people between 18-45yrs looking for incomes & profits to join African farming; through crowdfunding: for profits sharing rewards and a virtual farming experience.

Our aim is to help people across the globe gain profits from Africa’s food & commodities production through crowdfunding as we finance African farming and farmers with cheap credits to maximize farming profits.

An online platform for people across the Globe to click farming started in Africa using Phones / PCs and can monitor on-ground farms virtually via real time images & videos whilst interacting in a digital social community throughout farming season, and a chance for profits sharing for their participation.

SmartFarmer Operating From

Kumasi, Ghana - West-Africa

Why we picked this idea to work on?

Finance for Farming & Farmers in Africa has remained a challenge since many years. Our aim is to develop a platform that empowers people to participate in financing African farming through crowdfunding for a reward of profit sharing and a result of cheap credits to African farmers.

To date, African agriculture is mostly peasant farming with little emphasis on commercialization leaving the sector as an option for rural dwellers, the aged and the illiterate due to lack of cheap & accessible credits for farmers. The result is partial exploitation of the African agri-business (food production) value chain (60% of the Worlds farmable lands), as food-security still remains a global issue mostly felt in Africa-SDG 1,2 meanwhile African Agriculture is estimated at $1Trillion by 2030 stated by World Bank.

How Long

After 18months from launch, SmartFarmer has

  • 900+ users
  • 200+ farmers
  • CrowdFunded $51k
  • 200 acres of farms financed
  • In 2020 SmartFarmer was adjudged Top 6 African Digital Innovation by Alibaba Group

In 2018, in our work with farmers in Ghana, we noticed lack of finance and inputs resulting in less commercialized farms. Yet, almost every individual in the Cities we introduced ourselves as youth farmers stated their bottom interest in farming, yet when asked the question: “Why are you not farming”, their answers were the same; “they had the finance but no time and knowledge for farming (because they have primary jobs in the Cities)”. Basically, no technology or platform existed to allow people participate in farming for both food and commodity production and making profits from their participation.

Our Trip

With our aim, to grant the over 4.1B worldwide internet users, a unique access to also participate in food & commodity production from Africa for profit sharing, virtual farming experience & impact: contributing to SDGS, Food Security & Climate Change

The SmartFarmer Team now seeks $170k pre-seed investment to finance our next 12 months operations aiming to attract 10,000+ users, improve website & crowdfund $1.5m into African Farming.

Our Space

We do this kind of work competitively in Africa with
Farmcrowdy and
E-poultry from Nigeria
Complete Farmer,
Growforme &
Agroseal in Ghana.

Now as they work on a platform to aid themselves farm; we at SmartFarmer focus on: giving people convenient access to make profits from Farming with a virtual experience of farming whilst granting African farmers access to cheap credits; hence we jargon: SmartFarmer: Empowering People.

With between $100-850: everyone & anyone with a phone / computer & internet can simply begin making some farming profits from Africa all on SmartFarmer.