About The SmartFarmer

A digital Farming Platform that uses cooperative Farming principle and Digital crowdfunding technology to coordinate resources from Individuals Worldwide (Workers & Students) into Modern Farming, Food & Commodity Production in Africa on an integrated Platform for benefit to Individuals, Consumers and Farmers all together

Administrative Studio - Ghana

Airport Circle - Kumasi ,Inside Serwaa Plaza - Ghana

Working Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00am-5:00pm GMT

Operational Hours

All Day

Our Aim

Online Food and Commodities Production for Healthy and Wealthy Farmers

How SmartFarmer works

Its easy and simple, start farming and earn profit on high yielding farms today

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How to become a SmartFarmer

Why SmartFarmer


Africa has the highest area of uncultivated arable lands (20M ha) in the world, because African farmers lack access to affordable finance by Institutions yet people with disposable incomes are unable to participate in farming with their finances resulting in an inefficient food and commodity production system with an overwhelming unemployment to young Africans.

Why SmartFarmer

  • Involving people with disposable income between ($100-$850) to participate in food and commodity production in Africa.
  • Helping Farmers with need for affordable credits (Finance), adequate farming knowledge (Extension Services), market for their farm produce (Marketing) & climate-smart equipment (Inputs).

SmartFarmer so far:




Adopted Poultry Birds


Trained Oil Palm Farmers


Units of Eggs Marketed and Sold


People Employed


Sponsorships to Farmers

Supporting smallHolder farmers

Do you know you can use your phone to support farming from the convenience of your home, workplace, school,etc. Yes! you certainly can.

Your crowdfunds provided through the SmartFarmer digital platform supports farmers through accessible loans and adds to food Security in Africa by increasing farms yields from climate-smart farms.

Keep an eye on the farms you support from your home

Through the different farm updates that will be sent to you, You (CrowdFunder) will be able to follow the development of the farmers you support through SmartFarmer. Additionally, you can use the platform to schedule a meeting with the farmer to see firsthand, the difference you have made in his or her farm and life.

Some Farms Under Cultivation



1000 acres of Maize - Ghana

palm plantation

Oil Palm

1200 acres of oil palm plantation - Ghana



4000 birds - Ghana


  • Monitor and Track yields whereever you are
  • Stress free daily and constant checks on farms
  • Farm without knowing how to farm
  • Simple and Convenient way to earn from farming

Risk Checks

  • Disease and Pest control with IOT technology and drones
  • Insured Farms
  • Mechanised Farming
    • Smart Irrigation and Vaccination
    • Ploughing & Harvesting

Other Farms

  • Mushroom
  • Vegetables